About me:
Hi, my name is Bayu Notonegoro, you can call me Bayu. Male and an Indonesian. I was born on March 10th, 1983 in Jakarta. Since childhood living in Condet, an area in East Jakarta that used to be beautiful because a lot of trees growing there. Also known as a place for a fruit called Salak and used to be a place as a Betawi's culture to visit, nowadays Condet has already dense with some traffic jam and flood. But can't deny it, I'm happy living in Condet.

Feeling lucky have met several (not much yet, really) great people in my life with their intelligent, talents and dedication to what they believe, but still kind and helpful to others and I see it as good things to learn and implement in my daily life, to be exact as my friends, idols and role models. And don't get bore meeting them and new friends.

Finishing my first school at TK Ratna Kusuma. Continue with the elementary school at SD 06 Kampung Gedong. Then I attended junior high school at SMP 49. After that, I attended high school at SMA 14, unfortunately in my third year I have to move, because I can't get what I want. I moved to SMA Angkasa 2.

Then finished my undergraduate study at Gunadarma University with GPA 3.17 of scale 4.00 majoring Information Technology (IT). Still confusing if I should continue my postgraduate study or not, but can't say anything more about that right now.

Start using Linux in the middle 2001, about a couple of months after I received my first computer. So much new things I can learn and share since using Linux and still using it until now. Continued to like computer networking since the late 2003 and its security since middle 2005 and wanted to learn more.

Triing to concentrate on FOSS, computer networking and its security, but still don't get enough chance to do it in real bussines world to develop my knowledge and skill on it. Perhaps you have one? ;)

You can contact me by sending an email to aksi[at]notonegoro[dot]net, but please to replace first the [at] with an @ and [dot] with a . (a dot).

About web:
This web is just a place for me to learn and share new things. It so vary, not just from articles I have wrote and will, but also about my stories, such as poems, things around my head and happenings that happened to me. Yes, I DO BLOG! But most of the entries are written in Bahasa Indonesia, although sometimes written using my shameful English. Please feel free to enjoy, link, laugh, insult or ignore it.